(image via Gage Skidmore)

Another dispatch from Wingnut Imagination Land, this time from Phyllis Schlafly:

The Court held that because the U.S. Supreme Court had recently ordered that federal benefits be granted to same-sex couples who are married under state law, the civil union law in New Jersey was inadequate to ensure that homosexual couples in New Jersey are able to receive the same benefits as married couples.

There was no dissent from the New Jersey Court’s ruling, not even by Christie’s own judicial appointments. But many Americans are dissenting with their feet, by moving away from same-sex marriage states and into the many states that continue to recognize the value of marriage as being between only one man and one woman.

Citation of even one source to back up this claim? Not forthcoming, because Schlafly made it up. Or, as Miranda at Right Wing Watch commented, “The liberal media must be covering up this mass exodus from marriage equality states, because we haven’t heard a single story of someone doing this.”

That dang liberal media.

“We gotta move, honey! There are gays we’ve never met getting married, and that threatens our way of life somehow!”