planteIn this segment, NOM’s Christopher Plante suggests that the media, and Modern Family in particular, are “brainwashing” Americans into accepting LGBT people. He also says that gay activists have “hijacked Martin Luther King’s dream,” by seeking full equality. He couches this in the professional victimization that is the hallmark of anti-gay activists these days. He claims that it’s one thing for us to want to live in peace, but another entirely for us to want to “redefine marriage” for everyone else. There is something particularly disgusting about the white inheritors of the movement King was fighting against trying to claim his mantle now, like their people haven’t always been the oppressors.

That’s funny. I didn’t realize that, by including gays and lesbians in the institution of marriage, that we were redefining it for everyone. But then again, I’m not Chris Plante, a man who is literally paid to whine and convince people that the happiness and equality of LGBT people somehow damages life for straight Americans. Luckily, the number of people who buy into messages such as his shrinks every day.

Jeremy expands on part of Chris’s complaints, the fact that, for instance, a gay couple is portrayed positively on Modern Family, while positive portrayals of people like Chris are difficult to come by:

Of course there would never a sitcom that is sympathetic to Mr. Plante’s cause and there never will be a national day of honor that favorably looks back on NOM’s legacy, because both are cruel, divisive, discriminatory, and a threat to American freedoms. If it feels like news and entertainment media are “biased” against Mr. Plante and his chosen views, it’s because he chose the wrong ones. He chose hostility rather that unity. He chose “culture war” rather than peace. He chose stigma rather than understanding. He chose inequality rather than it’s righteous opposition.

We honor honorable legacies and we exalt positive portraits. NOM embodies/embraces neither.

Exactly. A sitcom about NOM types wouldn’t work unless they were the object of the joke, because it wouldn’t funny and it wouldn’t be enjoyable. And there will definitely never be a holiday honoring the work of anti-gay bigots who wasted the only lives they’ll ever have trying to hurt other people’s families. At best, they’ll be relegated to a ridiculous footnote in American history that makes students of the future shake their heads and say, “Why?!