tonyAs Jeremy points out, this is not in any way a signal that the Family Research Council has any desire to become less of a hate group, but it’s an interesting concession nonetheless. In bemoaning the fact that marriage equality is now on the march in the reddest of states (and claiming at the same time that it’ll never really happen there), the FRC states:

No one questions homosexuals’ ability to form loving relationships. What they question is whether Americans should be forced to finance, sanction, and elevate unions that not only obliterate free speech and religious liberty but also deny children a mom and a dad.

Ha. Of course their statement about “obliterat[ing] free speech and religious liberty” is boilerplate BS, meant to incite their remaining supporters into a frenzied furor over something that literally has nothing to do with them. But the fact that even they admit that we form relationships based on love is telling.

Jeremy expounds:

In terms of policy change, it’s a mere inch from an organization that opposes every right, protection, and gnat fart that benefits LGBT people’s welfare. But if even this, an organization that has always held that we need to be “changed” rather than supported in any way, is planning to start offering up the concession that we do, in fact, form loving bonds? Well, it’s something from which we can milk major mileage.

It’s not going to make them sound softer, as their years of coarse rhetoric would take a generation (at least) to expunge. Instead, it makes their positions sound more unsupportable than ever before, and it helps people like me make the case for recognition of love that even FRC—even FRC!—understands to be reality.

They’re just digging their own grave at this point.