trestinTrestin Meacham, who appealed for everyone’s attention by starving himself until Utah stopped issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples, has declared that he will never, ever stop hating gays. Of course, he somehow thinks that he doesn’t hate gays, instead using typical religious right euphemisms about how it’s about “the homosexual movement” and not individual gays, but check this out, from his Facebook page:

“Let’s be clear about something, my mission, my purpose in life is to stand against the homosexual movement. Not to persecute or hate gay individuals, but to stand against and defeat the homosexual movement. I will never stop, as long as I draw breath. I will stand against them when they attack the churches. I will stand against them when they attack individuals. I will stand against them in my old age. I will stand against them in sickness and health. They can kill my body, but my spirit will never submit to their tyranny. I will expose their hate and rage. I will expose their persecution of religion. And I will expose their hidden plans. This secret combination has made a powerful foe. This is only the beginning!”

Goodness! So dramatic! He will hate gays in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, until death do us part. I guess this means that he’s married to hating gays. I guess all that’s left is to seal it with a kiss? Or a visit to a good therapist?

[h/t Joe]