(Blend Images / Alamy)

(Blend Images / Alamy)

A new wide-ranging study conducted by researchers at Open University in the United Kingdom has come up with some interesting results. It turns out that, when it comes to satisfaction and happiness in relationships, gay couples without kids come out on top:

Couples without kids — especially gay couples without kids – have the happiest relationships, according to a new survey out of England.


“Non-heterosexual participants are more positive about and happier with the quality of their relationship…than heterosexual participants,” according to the survey, which later added: “Heterosexual parents are the least likely to be there for each other, to make ‘couple time,’ to say ‘I love you’ to each other, to talk about everything and to pursue shared interests.”

It’s not all bad news for straight people with kids, though:

But heterosexual couples with kids, and especially mothers, are happiest “with life,” the same survey found.

So that’s good news!

But this kind of goes to expose the anti-gay/”ex-gay” lie that LGBT people are just all miserable, broken people, and that moreover, we’re miserable and broken because we’re LGBT people. The study adds to a growing body of evidence that shows that gay couples may have quite a bit to teach straight people about relationships. One major difference is that gay relationships tend to, by nature, be more egalitarian, and when studies are done about dissatisfaction in heterosexual relationships, that issue comes up quite a lot.

(Aside:  the “egalitarian” thing is one way that gays are indeed changing the nature of marriage, and the Religious Right hates it. They hate that real people are indeed much happier in more equal relationships with more shared responsibilities and mutual respect, because it gives lie to their misguided belief that men should always lead and women should always be property subservient.)

When “ex-gay” advocates roll out each year’s new model success stories (around the time the spokesmodels of six or seven years back inevitably come back out of the closet), to each is always attached a sob story of abuse, of poor choices, of addiction and depression, and each of those people has been brainwashed into blaming their problems on their sexuality, perpetuating the cycle for these people of not taking actual responsibility for themselves. It’s always someone or something else’s fault with this cohort. We always remark that they’ll never have an “ex-gay” spokesmodel whose past life included a happy career and same-sex family and fulfillment, because those people are not easy prey for Religious Right scam artists. Even though untold thousands of happy, fulfilled gay and lesbian couples exist, there’s nothing the “ex-gay” industry could say that would convince them that they need to abandon their contentment in service of an anti-scientific, self-loathing, life-destroying “ex-gay” ideology. So, since their con only works on those who are already vulnerable, they’ll continue to prey on the weak and wounded, like leaders of dog fighting rings stumbling across injured puppies abandoned in parking lots behind supermarkets.

That’s how their scam works.