boppSometimes laughter is the only response to blatant idiocy:

Those attending the Indiana House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on a same sex marriage ban erupted into laughter on Monday when one of the speakers claimed that opponents of the ban were “intolerant.”

Jim Bopp, an anti-LGBT attorney who was forced out as Indiana’s representative to the Republican National Committee in 2012, told the committee that he was perplexed as to why opponents would be against a constitutional ban if same sex marriage was already illegal in Indiana.

“It can only be because [the existing ban is] vulnerable,” he insisted. “They want the option of getting what they actually want, which is to change the definition marriage. And the very vulnerability of a statute as opposed to a constitutional amendment affords them a greater opportunity to get that job done.”

“Even more troubling though was an argument made by one who said that the simple debate on the marriage amendment will do the damage,” Bopp added. “Well, what does that tell you? That there are some people that are so intolerant of other people’s views that a simple debate…”

With that, the chairman was forced to call the committee to order as the gallery burst into laughter.

That comes late in the video. Earlier, you can watch Kellie Fiedorek, a fresh-faced lawyer for the anti-gay Alliance Defending Freedom, getting tied in intellectual knots over whether she’s supposed to answer the question, “what is your personal definition of marriage?” That was apparently not a part of the script they gave her, and apparently Domino’s Pizza Law School didn’t prepare her all that well.