The Salt Lake Tribune has released a new poll which shows that Utahns’ views on marriage equality have dramatically shifted since they voted to enshrine discrimination in their constitution:

A new poll for The Salt Lake Tribune shows that Utahns’ views on same-sex couples’ relationships have dramatically shifted in the decade since voters amended the state’s constitution to prohibit them from receiving any legal recognition.

Residents are now evenly split on whether same-sex couples in Utah should be allowed to get state-issued marriage licences — 48 percent for and 48 percent against — and nearly three-fourths (72 percent) said same-sex couples should be allowed to form civil unions or domestic partnerships in lieu of marriage.

A full 72% support some form of legal recognition, whether it be civil unions or domestic partnerships. The numbers on our side will go up.

Note to Religious Right: you have officially lost majority public support in UtahMore poll results in the graphic below: