bryanIf you are not familiar with the “American College Of Pediatricians,” let Jeremy explain:

The American College of Pediatricians is a tiny (between 60–200 members), ideologically-driven splinter organization that was created by the far-right and given a purposely innocuous name for the sole purpose of confusing the credible data put out by the 60,000+ member American Academy of Pediatrics. This organization, which aggressively promotes “ex-gay” junk science, is the same American College of Pediatricians that National Institute of Health Director Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D smacked down after he discovered that they were twisting his work. This organization has zero credibility. Less than zero, in fact, considering how far they’ve taken their lies and how much they’ve been called out by actual scientists.

Throughout this clip, Bryan Fischer repeatedly says that this is science, this is research, this is data, and that this is not information from some “yahoos out in the sticks.” The truth is that that is exactly what the American College of Pediatricians are. They may be licensed MDs, but they’re not driven by the Hippocratic Oath, but rather by their own backwards bigotry.

And thus, as Jeremy also says, we see that Bryan Fischer is nothing more than a liar.