pornopete2Porno Pete should stick to only talking to like-minded individuals. He still comes across as insane and pruriently obsessed with gay sex, and moreover grotesquely misinformed, when he does, but at least he doesn’t have to endure the very public embarrassment of debating with somebody more honest and better informed than he is, and looking like a fool when said smarter, more decent interviewer wipes the floor with his life’s work. That statement nicely sets up these clips of Porno Pete being interviewed on Alan Colmes’ program. For instance, this exchange, where Porno Pete, against all credible social science on the subject, claims that kids would be better off in single parent homes than with two same-sex parents.

Colmes: Let’s talk factually: we know it’s not always possible to have a two-parent household. So I’m asking you, is the child better with two parents of the same gender or a one-parent household?

LaBarbera: I don’t know, I tend to think they’d be better off in a single-parent household because you’re not modeling homosexual behavior. When you have two men raising a young child, that child grows up learning dysfunction and a sexual perversion as normal. He’s learning a sexual perversion as normality.

“I tend to think.” Because you’re a bizarrely hateful bigot, you “tend to think.” Unfortunately, this is not a debate, and Porno Pete’s opinion is invalid, entitled to it as he is. Mark Regnerus’s study doesn’t count, as it was bought and paid for by the Religious Right, and a third grader could have developed a more solid methodology than that employed by Regnerus.

Later, Alan tried to get Porno Pete, who has been traveling to Jamaica to help stoke the flames of the hatred that’s led to anti-gay carnage in that country lately, and who believes homosexuality should be against the law, to explain how he would go about outlawing and punishing homosexuality. Poor Porno Pete, he hasn’t even thought the damn idea through. Too busy posting pictures of dildo collections, I guess.

LaBarbera repeatedly refused to answer Colmes’ question about what he thinks the punishment for homosexual behavior should be, finally admitting: “I don’t know what the punishment should be.”

“So you want these laws on the books but you don’t know what to do about them?” Colmes asked. “You keep talking about criminalizing sodomy and using the country of Jamaica as a model for that but you’re not telling me how you would enforce it and then what the punishment should be. So you don’t have a well-rounded idea of how to approach the idea of criminalizing it.”

And this is why he’s a third-string anti-gay activist at best.

[h/t Joe]