HigginsI am fairly immune to anti-gay wingnuttery, on a personal level. I swim in it all day long, so their lies, their hypocrisy and their hate don’t really get under my skin. Occasionally, though, I read or listen to something that is so breathtaking that it leaves me speechless. Here are Laurie Higgins’ of the Illinois Family Institute hate group, and her uninformed opinions on Russia’s anti-gay laws:

To further put things in perspective, note that the consequences of violating this law are only fines of $120-150 for individuals, $1,200-1,500 for “officials,” and $12,000-15,000 for “legal entities.” Hardly sounds unreasonable to fine adults $150 for trying to inculcate other people’s children with their subjective beliefs about sexual morality, but nothing angers homosexual activists quite like being denied access to the hearts and minds of other people’s minor children.

Did you catch it?

Hardly sounds unreasonable to fine adults $150 for trying to inculcate other people’s children with their subjective beliefs about sexual morality…


Our “beliefs” about sexuality and morality are not “subjective.” They are, in fact, not “beliefs,” if you respect language. They are facts, backed up by science. Whereas Laurie’s beliefs are routinely and wholly dismissed by the scientific community, based on a poor understanding of an English translation of the Bible, and motivated almost solely by irrational hate.

So, Laurie, if it “hardly sounds unreasonable to find adults $150 for trying to inculcate other people’s children with their subjective beliefs about sexual morality,” would it be reasonable for us to ask you to pull out your checkbook?

I mean, especially considering the fact that the “inculcation” offered by you and your cohort verifiably leads to destroyed families, broken lives, depression and oftentimes suicide.

The suppression of conservative ideas on issues related to homosexuality is virtually absolute, and the consequences for violating the de facto bans on conservative resources are far more draconian and insidious than those imposed by the Russian law.

Oh, the poor professional victim. Yes, we in the free world like to do everything in our power to protect our kids from dangerous people and abuse. If that means your little hate screeds aren’t welcome in public schools, so be it.

Paying a $150 fine is small potatoes compared to the kind of personal and professional repercussions that would redound to any teacher in a public school who dared to present resources to minors that articulated conservative beliefs about homosexuality.

Because “conservative beliefs about homosexuality” are demonstrably incorrect, and thus have no business in settings that claim to offer education. The only thing they might be useful for is teaching kids how to think analytically — something I know that many conservative fundamentalists are not fond of — and how to summarily dismantle intellectually bereft arguments.

To assault people because of their beliefs or feelings is beyond the pale, as is making inflammatory statements that express a desire that others die, experience eternal damnation, or f**k themselves (things that are hurled at any public figure who dares to express moral propositions about homosexuality with which “progressives” disagree). Prohibiting the distribution of homosexuality-affirming resources to minors is both reasonable and wise.

No one is assaulting fundamentalists for being anti-gay hatemongers. Expressing a desire for someone to die is wrong, and when LGBT people say things like that, we call them out on it. Wishing for people to experience eternal damnation is a hallmark of Laurie Higgins’ belief system, and as such is not really our department. The last thing…

Well, it’s the internet, Laurie. If your skin isn’t thick enough, sign off and pick a new career path that doesn’t involve hurting LGBT families day in and day out. You’d be surprised how seldom you hear that last statement thrown in your general direction.

And of course, prohibiting LGBT kids from hearing the message that they’re just fine as they are, that they aren’t inherently evil or broken because of who they are, and that there are people out there to support and help them, is not wise or reasonable, but rather pure evil. The proof is in the statistics that anti-gay wingnuts mangle in order to serve their own disgusting goals, and in the studies that show that LGBT kids who have support, who have resources, and who have real love in their lives don’t end up becoming, well, statistics.

Laurie Higgins might as well have typed this article to her own reflection in the mirror.