quinlanI’d hate to be an anti-gay bigot right about now. They are processing the grief of losing a culture war that they started, in a nation that increasingly views them as among the worst we have to offer. Of course, the first stage of grief is denial, and they seem to be intent on lingering around that stage as long as possible.

Right Wing Watch points out the latest missive from the Professional “Ex-Gay” Victim group known as PFOX, suggesting that the “Duck Dynasty controversy — wherein wingnuts were played like “harps from hell” by a network that may never have intended that the Robertson patriarch would be suspended for any length of time until they saw that they had an opportunity to profit off the dust-up — was some sort of “watershed” moment where America was exposed to the realities of “homofascism.” Let Greg Quinlan word salad it for you:

Will Duck Dynasty Controversy Awaken Americans?

The gay bullying and intimidation deployed against Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson is nothing new to the ex-gay community. For too long in this country, gay rights organizations have incorporated ex-gay bashing as an integral part of their mission. Christian ex-gays are ridiculed for their faith…

For their “faith?” No. It’s more that the “ex-gay” industry can never seem to produce any “ex-gays” that aren’t currently profiting off being “ex-gay,” which lasts until they either come back out of the closet on their own or are caught with their pants down, still as gay as the day they were born.

while people seeking therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions are painted as dangerously delusional.

Again, no. We mourn for those who have been taught by society that they are inherently evil, and who have been abused so much by their families, churches and communities that they feel that they need to hand their lives over to dangerous, lying charlatans who promise that they can change their sexuality, when such is simply not true.

On this one-way street of intolerance, former homosexuals are accused of being liars or fakes while transgenders are celebrated for changing their gender identity.

Transgender people don’t “change their gender identity,” Greg. That statement alone should disqualify you from attempting to say anything regarding the science of sexual orientation and gender identity for the rest of your natural life.

Using their political power and mainstream media support, gay activists work to keep ex-gays in the closet while demanding legal recognition of single-sex marriage as an equal right.

To keep them in the closet,” we would first have to be able to find them and then find a closet small enough to keep them comfortable and warm. Instead, the “ex-gay” industry claims that there are tens of thousands of them roaming around free range in the United States alone, without ever producing any evidence. When you point that out, they cry that it’s because they’re so “bullied” by “homofascists.” It’s an answer that works in the tiny echo chamber of PFOX and their like-minded cohort, but not with normal people.

Is bullying and persecution a gay civil right? No, it’s not; homofascism is wrong. Unless we stop it now as was accomplished with the Duck Dynasty backlash…

They still don’t know they were played.

no one will be spared. When irrational fears of male-female heterosexuality instigate demands for public censorship and obedience to the gay lobby, silence is not an option.

No one is afraid of straight people, Greg. People do rightly steer clear of those who drive people to depression and suicide by lying to them and telling them that they have to change something about them that is inborn so that a Loving God won’t send them to a flaming hell for all eternity. But then again, the purveyors of that nonsense often aren’t “straight” in any real sense of the word, are they?

This screed is so melodramatic, though. Finish it up with a fearmongering climax of epic proportions, Greg:

All who call themselves Christians must speak out against injustice and homofascism. Otherwise, we will lose America – and our souls.

Of course, “all who call themselves Christians” don’t agree with Greg Quinlan. In fact, the subset of Christianity that includes Greg Quinlan shrinks every day, and a group whose voices have been drowned out for far too long are rising up to reclaim their faith from bigots who teach that the hallmarks of a strong faith are hatred and discrimination.