barberWhy would we mock this, when we can just post them and let them speak for themselves?

In clear violation of op-ed protocol, this week I’m suspending prose and having a little good, clean, limericky fun at liberals’ expense because, well, because they just make it so darn easy. (Warning: Some are bad and others worse. Side effects may include groaning, nausea, vomiting and involuntary eye-rolling.)

Oh, everybody, get ready, because this is obviously not Matt Barber’s first experience with good old-fashioned joshing!

GLAAD Tidings
There once was an outfit called GLAAD,
That when faced with the Truth gets real mad,
Though they pout and they fuss,
And they stomp and they cuss,
They alter the Truth not a tad.

Where is the punchline?

Thanks, Michelle 
There once was a chain-smoking POTUS,
Who gave children a lunch lady FLOTUS,
She swapped meat, sweets and bread,
With beansprouts instead,
Adding tofu and seaweed for bonus.

Oh, I get this one — Michelle Obama is a terrible person because she wants kids to be healthy, as opposed to pre-diabetic.

Here’s one about marriage equality:

“Gay Marriage”
The Supreme Court did redefine marriage,
And defenders of marriage disparage,
Newfound “right” they pretend,
Has Stephan to wed Sven,
Yet no Sally means no baby carriage.

Well, I think we can safely say we’ve all experienced a good ribbing from Matt Barber! I’m sure Comedy Central will call him next time they plan a roast, because we’ve all been burned!

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[h/t Joe]