I sneer at your clearly observable reality!

I sneer at your clearly observable reality!

Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage appeared as a panelist on MSNBC’s Up With Steve Kornacki this past Sunday, along with openly gay supporters of marriage equality. As Jeremy points out, what’s remarkable about this clip is not what Brian Brown says — same old canned garbage — but his tone:

I want you to focus on the clear difference between the way the National Organization For Marriage president speaks and the way the rest of the panelists (Steve Kornacki, Josh Barro, Aisha Moodie-Mills, Rachael Bade) talk. Every word that comes out of Brian’s mouth is dripping in condescension and outright derision, shifting the conversation from a discussion to a fake “victim’s” mean spirited attempt to “school” the rest of the table.

It really is remarkable. The others are discussing the issues, while Brian attacks. Jeremy is right that this tone is only going to get worse as we continue to win over the next couple of years. It’s also funny because Kornacki’s show is wonky — this is not Fox News where wingnuts yell at each other. They’re actually discussing policy, and it may be that Brian has no choice but to sneer, since his ideology is not based on any sort of analysis, but on talking points and bigotry.

Here’s another screen cap of Brian sneering:

more sneering

During the first part of the first clip, Kornacki sets up the lay of the land as it currently stands, with marriage equality coming to Utah and momentum that suggests that very soon, other traditionally red states will join Utah as equality states. Around seven and a half minutes in, he introduces the panel, beginning with a very notably and obviously sneering Brian Brown. The delusional tendencies run high in that guy: