We have harshly criticized Porno Pete LaBarbera for fanning the flames of bigotry in Jamaica — a nation known for its anti-LGBT violence and pornopetediscrimination. In response, Pete offers a ridiculous defense where he downplays violence against LGBT people in Jamaica:

A personal note: having just returned from a visit to Jamaica to take part in a pro-family conference put on by JCHS, I did not witness any “hatred”  or violent attitudes toward homosexuals. What I did see was a group of sincere, dedicated Christians who love God and are fighting the best they can not to have decadent Western (and American) sexual mores and LGBT laws imposed on their small nation. We must expose and rebut the insidious lie of LGBT activists everywhere that imputes “hate” to those who merely disagree with grantin “rights” based on disordered, sinful sexual behavior. – Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

Porno Pete didn’t see it with his own eyes, so anti-gay violence isn’t real? I have a formal challenge for Porno Pete to test his theory:

I challenge Porno Pete to travel to Montego Bay which is the site of much anti-gay violence. I want him to walk for an hour holding hands in crowded areas (and a few less crowded alleys) with Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber wearing the T-Shirt: “I’m not gay but my boyfriend is.”

I want them both to wear rainbow colored socks or suspenders during their walk. Since they think the situation is so wonderful, they must both be unarmed during their gay stroll. Finally, if they are attacked they can’t run away or let the assailants know they are anti-gay activists. They must endure whatever punishment the mob decides to administer — just like real LGBT people.

After they do this, we can resume our discussion on whether it is safe to be gay in Jamaica.

Are you up for the challenge Porno Pete? Or, are you a wimp, a liar, and a hypocrite?