The International Healing Foundation, founded by discredited “sexual reorientation life coach” Richard Cohen, and run by Chris Doyle, lost money in Richard Cohen2012. After receiving a large contribution the previous year, IHF’s 990’s reveal the group lost just north of $202,000. Interestingly, the group which claims to heal homosexuals appears to do very little actual counseling. According to Grove City College professor Dr. Warren Throckmorton:

“While contributions increased substantially, program fees nearly dried up. Program fees represent client payments for workshops, counseling sessions and any other professional services conducted by IHF. Year to year, it appears that IHF lived off of what they made in 2011. IHF spent 202,393 more than they received in 2012…

“IHF’s Chris Doyle appeared on the Dr. Oz show to claim that what IHF does is mainstream therapy. While that is a ridiculous claim, it may be true that very little therapy of any kind is actually taking place.”

Apparently, the infamous tennis racket is collecting dust. Considering so little “ex-gay”therapy was actually occurring at IHF, it should not have surprised Doyle that so few people showed up at his embarrassingly failed “Ex-Gay Pride.”