While our cause is both noble and on the right side of history, it is also true that watching our opposition bumble around trying to fight against the inevitable can be a lot of fun. Such is the case in Utah where the incompetence of Utah’s Attorney General has been just icing on the cake. The Human Rights Campaign tweeted their thanks for that:



More background from Chris Geidner:

In an unusual show of confidence in the changed political dynamics of marriage equality battles, the Human Rights campaign tweeted a “thank you” from the group’s president, Chad Griffin, to the Twitter account of the Utah Office of the Attorney General.


“He’s owed our thanks for his general incompetence. With every fumble, bumble, and delay, even more gay couples get married,” an HRC staffer, when asked about the tweet, told BuzzFeed Thursday night of Tarbet.

It’s true! Here’s to the Utah Attorney General, everyone!