This is what Chaps looks like when he's "discerning spirits."

This is what Chaps looks like when he’s “discerning spirits.”

Here’s the latest from disgraced former Naval chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt. He explains that it’s okay to discriminate against gays, because Martin Luther King, Jr., famously said that people should be judged based on the content of their character. The extremely not gay Klingenschmitt believes that being gay is a character flaw, therefore he has won the argument with the voices in his head. 

He also explains that another reason it’s okay to discriminate against gays is because gays are working with the devil, who lives inside them, and who is not human. He’s only discriminating against the non-human devil part that lives inside the gays, you see?

“On this show, we like to discern the spirits and I would say that’s a demonic spirit that is manifesting inside of them and sinning by an act of their consent, of their free will, they’re cooperating with the Devil and there is something unhuman in side of them … There is something nonhuman inside of them and that should be discerned as something not human.”

He’s just discerning spirits, y’all. That’s not weird.

Also, he’s really upset about the whole thing with the baker who thinks that cake is speech and that he shouldn’t have to make cakes for gays, because religious freedom. As I said last week, cakes are not people. They do not have religious beliefs.