oregonWhile we always must remind everyone that voting on civil rights is not ideal, or even a good thing, under the American system, we have to play the cards we’re dealt, and Oregonians have collected enough signatures to put a repeal of their state’s marriage equality ban on the ballot next year:

An Oregon petition drive to put the issue of gay marriage before voters next year has hit its goal of 116,284 signatures needed to qualify for the 2014 ballot.

The group Oregon United for Marriage announced the milestone Saturday in an email to supporters.

“It’s been just four months since we started gathering signatures on the Freedom to Marry and Religious Protection Initiative,” said Ryan Brown, the group’s field director. “Thanks to volunteer signature gatherers in every Oregon county, I have some amazing news to share: We have over 116,284 signatures in hand!”

The article points out that Oregon would become the first state to repeal a Constitutional ban. According to a March poll, 49% of Oregon residents support repealing the constitutional ban and allowing marriage equality, with only 42% opposed. Both through the courts, and through statewide votes, the Religious Right will soon have to contend with the fact that, even in states they thought that had won, they will still ultimately lose.

[h/t Daily Kos / Towleroad]