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Marcus Bachmann, husband of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and proprietor of what was then known as Bachmann & Associates, which Truth Wins Out found in an undercover investigation to be providing a form of “ex-gay” therapy, quietly changed its name in October of this year:

On October 1, 2013, Bachmann and Associates rebranded itself as Counseling Care. Bluestem confirmed the official date of the name change in a phone conversation with a staffer at the Burnsville branch.

Moreover, the political career of the wife of chief counselor Michele Bachmann has disappeared from the site as well, ending a long-standing practice stemming from the days when Congresswoman Bachmann served in the Minnesota House (see the final paragraph of the newspaper clip to the right).

It sounds like not only the Congresswoman’s career, but also the very name of the family, has become a liability to their practice. According to the article, Michele’s name has been minimized on the site. It goes on to mention that the rebranding seems to have been planned for quite a while, as the new name was registered all the way back in February.

Regardless, Minnesotans should beware. This rebranding doesn’t in any way suggest that Bachmann is looking to bring his practice in line with the best practices of modern mental health care, and the new vanilla name doesn’t change either Bachmann’s record.