There is no conspiracy theory too bizarre to be embraced by the leading luminaries of the Religious Right. Here, witness Phyllis Schlafly agreeing with Stan Solomon, that liberals are planning to take babies from conservatives so that they may be given to gays, who will then molest them:

How disconnected from the real world does a person have to be to believe crap like this? It’s frightening.

As an added bonus, here are Phyllis Schlafly and Stan Solomon demonstrating how intimidated they are, as supremacist fundamentalists, by President Obama, with Solomon calling him a “foulmouthed, homosexual, drug-using, ne’er-do-well,” while Schlafly simply agrees that he is too stupid to speak without a teleprompter. Like Bryan Fischer in my post earlier, these people do not realize how they sound to normal people, because part of their delusional worldview is that everyone secretly agrees with them, but none are as brave as they are in voicing those opinions.

Oh, by the way, when Phyllis Schlafly claims that Obama “omitted God” from the Gettysburg Address, she’s either lying or completely misinformed.