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Steve Sloan, who is apparently a local radio host in Cincinnati, invited Bryan Fischer on to his program to try to figure out why on earth Bryan and the One Million Moms are having such a conniption about the Kinky Boots segment of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Fischer desperately wants to be seen as sane, but it’s just not working with Sloan.

What’s funny is that this Sloan guy is clearly not any sort of liberal gay rights advocate — he’s just a middle of the road Midwestern guy.

I often say that part of the reason the Religious Right is losing this culture war is that when regular folks — the heartland the right so prizes — hear them speak, they find them to be more than a little bit off their rockers. I’m not being flippant when I say that, nor am I living in some hyper-progressive fantasy world where I think everybody agrees with me. When I talk about these “regular heartland folks,” I’m talking about people for whom LGBT issues aren’t first, tenth or even fiftieth on their list of priorities.

That’s why we like to spread the words of the Religious Right far and wide, because quoting them verbatim helps us!

[h/t Jeremy]