pornopeteePorno Pete’s bitter tears fall on the Thanksgiving turkey like the most sumptuous giblets:

As secularism and – dare I say – godlessness deepen in these United States, many are leaving God out of Thanksgiving Day. Language always follows the heart: have you noticed the habit that has crept in of being thankful for this and that – without being thankful to God?

We all too often forget the First Thanksgiving, which was celebrated by Adam, Eve and decidedly not Steve, who had another engagement that day.

Now homosexuality advocates (and others) have taken this regrettable phenomenon a step further: using Thanksgiving as an opportunity to be “thankful for” developments that are decidedly ungodly – e.g., the advance of out-and-proud homosexualism, including “same-sex marriage,” in the United States.

We are thankful for advances in equality, yes. We are also thankful that every single day, fewer kids are driven to depression and suicide by the teachings perpetuated by the Porno Petes of the world. Yes, we are so very thankful for that.

I came upon this homosexual website article timed for Thanksgiving about homosexuals being thankful for various “gay rights” achievements, including more lesbians on TV We know as Christians and Bible-respecting Jews…

Stop trying to make Judaism part of your movement. It’s not.

Why are you getting all divisive and preachy on us the day before Thanksgiving?! you ask.

Because you’re bored?

I was thinking that myself, but we are Americans for Truth, and the Truth of God always divides. We cannot sit back in apathy and silence while the Left bastardizes religion and our national heritage — while they demonize adherents of historic Christianity as “bigots” and “haters.” Rather, we must reclaim our history and the founders’ vision of the United States of America as a virtuous nation.

Jeez, Pete.

Anyhow, millions of families will gather tomorrow and throughout the holidays to celebrate each other and all the things they’re grateful for, and many of those millions of people will be LGBT people and their families — whether those they were born into or those they’ve created — and they will be thankful. I certainly hope Porno Pete can find it in his heart to take one day to spend with his family and stop obsessing over yours and mine.

Speaking of, I gotta go to the store and get the ingredients for Aunt Wonkette’s Cranberry Real Cranberry Business, because I’ve been meaning to try it for a long time and I’ve decided this is the year.

All our love from the Truth Wins Out family, from my family, and from Wayne’s family, to you and yours! We’ll see you next week!