What outrage is filling the void in the soul of Monica Cole, the likely never-nude who types things for “One Million” Moms, today? Why, it is this cute commercial for Kmart that dares to allude to the fact that men have balls (or bells, in this instance), and that plays off the fact that normal people find stuff like this funny, in order to advertise the fact that Kmart carries Joe Boxer. Prepared to be horrified. (No, really, don’t. It’s actually safe for work, just not for Monica’s innocent eyes.)

What does Sad Monica have to say about this?

In an email to their supporters, which total far less than one million, OMM writes that the Kmart ad is “not only offensive – but this once family department store has made a deliberate decision to produce controversial advertisements instead of wholesome ones. This is a terrible plan on Kmart’s part, especially at this time of year!”

“The title of the current ad is ’Show Your Joe’ and focuses on several men wearing Joe Boxer shorts thrusting to the tune of Jingle Bells,” the statement reads. “They start shaking themselves instead of the hand bells, intending to make their “bells” ring in song – which is highly inappropriate.

Men’s bells should be seen and not heard! And also never seen!

“This commercial is airing during primetime even during Christmas movies on family networks such as the Hallmark Channel, which families will likely watch together,” the statement continues. “Kmart should be more responsible in their marketing decisions. Let them know that as a parent and a consumer you are disgusted by their recent marketing choices.”

“Kmart’s distasteful new commercial has to go! This ad should be pulled off the air immediately. You can also post a comment on Kmart’s Facebook page by clicking here.”

OMM then adds,”(Please keep in mind that not everyone on Facebook will have the same view as you. Having thick skin comes with the territory of taking a stand.)”

Oh, your Facebook friends see that you’re “taking a stand,” Monica. They’re just snickering at you, not without a healthy dose of pity and concern. Those who love you probably are holding out hope that one day y’all will grow up.