rubinRight-wing columnist Jennifer Rubin makes a bold suggestion for NOM, now that they’ve lost their fight against marriage equality (they don’t publicly admit that they’ve lost, but that’s for their donors’ sake, and has nothing to do with reality):

Campaign for marriage, not against gay marriage. Root out marriage penalties in the tax code. Enlist religious and secular groups to tout marriage and inform people about its physical, psychological and economic benefits. Promote private marriage counseling. If MADD can change attitudes on drunk driving, the environmental movement can make recycling delinquents into social pariahs and a conservative talk show host and Democratic senator can set out to raise awareness of adoption, NOM can certainly lead a cultural movement to promote marriage.

Rubin’s idea makes a certain amount of sense — and she points out that they wouldn’t even have to change their name — but it’s hopelessly naive. NOM does not care, and has never cared, about the health of anyone’s marriage. Their sole purpose for existing is a strange, fevered hatred for LGBT people, and the only time they’ve ever said anything remotely about the health of heterosexual marriages has been while promoting the silly lie that marriage equality somehow hurts straight marriages. Now that all but the most uninformed, most bigoted people in the United States mock and laugh at that argument, they’ve gone fully public with their bizarre anti-gay animus.

So, nice idea, Jennifer Rubin, I guess, but it ain’t gonna happen.