The happy couple, Marek & Rocco

The happy couple, Marek & Rocco

This morning, I saw a post on Facebook from an old high school friend, Marek, who has, over the last several months, been joyfully celebrating his engagement to Rocco, the absolute love of his life. In the course of their wedding planning, they had reached out to a resort in Los Cabos, the Barceló Grand Faro Los Cabos, as a possibility for a beach destination ceremony. It wasn’t their first choice, but when they reached out, they were disappointed to find that discrimination is alive and well, as the resort denied them service on the basis that they’re a “family” facility:

Marek and Rocco noticed that the contact person seemed to feel genuinely bad about the policy, but because the policy denies LGBT people because it’s a “family resort,” they felt they needed to respond all the same. Marek penned a truly epic and beautiful letter back, tweeted it to the public, and gave me permission to reproduce it here. Let Marek and Rocco explain the true meaning of family (Click on screen shots to read them larger):





Well done, boys. Your wedding, wherever you have it, will surely be beautiful and filled to the brim with familial love.