minneryIt was reported recently that Tom Minnery, of the supposedly kinder, gentler Focus On The Family, had traveled to Russia for a planning meeting for the World Congress of Families conference, to be held in the Kremlin:

According to the World Congress’ press release, these activists not only discussed topics for the upcoming summit (including “declining fertility and the origins of the sexual revolution, the ideological roots of the anti-family lobby, the protection and promotion of marriage [and] countering the radical sexual rights agenda”) but also met with Russian legislator Yelena Mizulina to discuss a “WCF parliamentary forum” for September 2014.

Mizulina is the head of the Duma’s committee for family, women and children and coauthor of Russia’s new ban on speech in favor of gay rights to minors. The World Congress has been one of the most vocal international defenders of that law. The fact that the World Congress and its members are working directly with her to plan an exchange with members of the Russian parliament shows that the summit’s location in Moscow isn’t just an accident of geography.

Let us be clear:

Any American Religious Right figure or organization participating in these meetings in Russia is a contributing factor to whatever will ensue in Russia with the implementation of that nation’s pogrom against her LGBT citizens. They believe they are doing “The Lord’s Work,” but as has happened many times in the past, these particular Christians’ conception of “The Lord’s Work” is misinformed and appallingly evil.

Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family is all too excited, though, to report on his recent trip to Russia. Not only does he trumpet the growth of a particularly vicious brand of Christianity in that nation, he also gets all giggly (his host Stuart Shepard aids in that regard) of the supposed advance of “freedom” in that nation, because he saw a KFC in the food court. This, from a nation well known for killing journalists for having the audacity to do their jobs.

Also, Tom is excited because he got to take a selfie at Red Square.

Late in the video, Stuart Shepard quotes the saying that those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it. This is interesting, considering the fact that Focus on the Family has decided to aid and abet some of the most vicious anti-gay activists on the planet in Russia. Shepard and Minnery are blind to that parallel and instead tie it to Obamacare, because that is one of the “big government” Ooga Boogas that go bump in the night for their audience. I’m quite sure that LGBT people in Russia are just about tired of “big government” at this point as well. Enjoy:

Sidenote: I also enjoyed when Stuart introduced Tom’s trip to Berlin by saying, “for those of you who haven’t followed history,” as if “following history” is on par with “staying caught up with the Duggar’s reality program.” They certainly know their audience.