maggie2Right, Maggie, if only the RNC had believed in him more, Virginia women would have given up self-esteem to go along with your worldview:

They said he was “unelectable.” The RNC put only $3 million into this race. Ken was outspent by a margin of something between 4:1 and 10:1, if you believe the Associated Press.

The Democrats poured everything into trying to lie to voters and portray Cuccinelli as an extremist — and they barely pulled this one out.


This was a winnable election. How did we give this away to Terry McAuliffe? Some serious soul-searching should be taking place among the anti-tea-party faction.

I’m not sure how many losses in a row Maggie and her old friends at NOM are going to have to be dealt to understand that the American public just doesn’t like them, but I’m willing to watch them flail about for a few more years.

For the last word on this, I will highlight one of the commenters at National Review, who almost made me spit my coffee out: