You would think that this argument, probably simultaneously the silliest and most offensive lie about gays and lesbians of all, would be dying out by now. Among the great majority of the population, of course, it’s rightly mocked and discarded, but among wingnuts, the belief that gays and lesbians want nothing more than to “recruit” children is alive and well.

Right Wing Watch sets up today’s discussion from Klingenschmitt’s “Pray In Jesus Name” variety show:

During the discussion, Klingenschmitt and Perkins asserted that “homosexuality is not normal” because humanity would die out of everyone were gay. And since gays cannot reproduce, they must seek to recruit the children of heterosexuals.

“And that’s why they’re so interested in marriage,” Perkins said. “For the access to children.”

Klingenschmitt agreed, saying that if gays are allowed to marry “then they would be able to adopt the children of heterosexuals and therefore that increases their ability to recruit.”

“That’s the main reason” gays want to get married, Perkins asserted. “It isn’t for their welfare; it’s for their recruitment.”

The fact that they think that argument actually resonates demonstrates how delusional they really are.