Media Matters has put together this handy video explaining everything in very simple terms:

It’s good that he clarifies exactly who Andrea Lafferty is. She might be portrayed by Fox News as a normal, nice person, but in reality, she is the executive director of the Traditional Values Coalition, a well known supremacist hate group.

Moreover, it’s important that he clarifies that ENDA already includes provisions to uphold the rights of religious freedom guaranteed in our system of government. The truth, though, is that the Religious Right isn’t content with religious freedom as it actually exists. They are not content with living and abiding by the same rules as everyone else, because they think they believe that anyone who thinks differently from them is lesser. They want to be able to fire gays and lesbians from jobs at such non-religious institutions as bed and breakfasts and gas stations, and they want to be able to get away with it because of “their deeply held religious beliefs.”

That’s not how our system works.