lindaAs Right Wing Watch explains, once a wingnut conspiracy theory/flat-out lie becomes canonized, it never dies:

Yesterday, Linda Harvey of Mission America cited a hoax story of a transgender girl in Florence, Colorado, supposedly harassing other students in school. Even though the story was debunked earlier this month, Religious Right activists and conservative news outlets ran with the story.

The Pacific Justice Institute concocted the smear campaign against the Colorado student, who has since been placed on suicide watch, and has since admitted that it has no evidence to back up the charges.

Linda Harvey doesn’t care about whether the story is true, and she certainly doesn’t care that the child involved has been placed on suicide watch due to the Religious Right lies. That’s not even on her radar. That’s why she is the Most Homophobic Woman In America.

Do you ever feel like you’ve just landed on a different planet? I do when I learn about situations like the following. Several girls at a school in Colorado are finding out just exactly what is involved in transgender rights. An older boy has been entering the girls’ restroom at Florence High School in Florence, Colorado, claiming he’s a female and then he’s apparently been harassing some of the actual, biological girls. But when the girls’ families contacted the school, did this legitimate complaint receive respectful attention from officials? Not exactly. The school is defending this aggressive boy and his rights and the privacy rights of the girls are being waved away as not that important.

We always feel like we’ve landed on a different planet when you talk, Linda.