pornopeteGoodness! Porno Pete and those like him sure do seem to feel quite threatened by the rising prominence of pro-gay Christians. It’s almost like he’s worried that his entire life’s work is being negated before his eyes:

Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality appeared on Crosstalk yesterday for a show on the “Same Sex Marriage Tsunami,” where he told host Vic Eliason that Christians who affirm gay people are pushing an “insidious lie” that is “straight from Satan’s talking points.”

“It is Isaiah 5:20 in action, ‘Evil is called good and good evil,’” LaBarbera said. “Homosexuality, rather than being the sinful thing it is, is now parlayed that opposition to homosexuality is the sin and people are made gay by God.”

The clip starts out funny, as Vic Eliason is very, very seriously bemoaning the fact that people type “OMG” on the internet quite a bit. Porno Pete then comes in, and as I said, you can hear in his voice how much he’s freaking out. This is why things like the NALT Christians Project are so, so vital.

In the second clip, Porno Pete and Vic agree that homosexuality is “among the worst” of all sins, and bemoan the fact that the National Cathedral celebrates marriage equality, claiming that America is a morally broken nation:

Since we’re on the subject of the National Cathedral, here, again, is the Very Reverend Gary Hall, Dean of the National Cathedral, speaking at the NALT press conference a couple weeks ago: