If author by Maulana Abdullah Nana says that he wants to get you stoned, just say no!

As an organization that monitors religious extremism, we get a lot materials that present some real twisted and macStoning coverabre ideas. While these individuals claim to be motivated by religion, it is clear that many are simply psychopaths who conveniently exploit faith to justify acting on their sick impulses.

Which brings us to our book of the day by Nana: “Stoning to Death in Islam,” (2005, Zam Zam Publishers)

“In recent times, rajm (stoning to death) has become a global issue and a subject of great controversy. The media, politicians, human rights groups, and many disbelievers have criticized stoning to death as being  barbaric and cruel. Unfortunately, many unwary Muslims have fallen prey to this propaganda and they have been rejecting stoning to death as being part of Islam.

Fear not, my friends, having rocks heaved at your head isn’t as bad as it sounds. Indeed, it’s merciful!

Stoning 1