DIGITAL CAMERAThe Illinois Family Institute is one of the few hate groups on the Religious Right that still thinks that Mike Heath, formerly of the Christian Civic League of Maine, is a helpful voice for the cause. Jeremy has reported extensively on how the anti-gay side in Maine essentially shoved Heath into the attic during their 2009 fight against marriage equality, as his views are so prurient and extreme that they damage the cause of subjugating LGBT people. These days, most of those who were moderately anti-gay either don’t care anymore or have defected to our side, so the extremists are all that’s left.

The IFI is desperately trying to forestall the inevitable in Illinois, and to that end, they have sent out a letter from Mike Heath, who explains that now that marriage equality has come to Maine, everything there is controlled by Satan, and all goodness and decency is being ripped apart at the seams. All of the rest of the Mainers who haven’t noticed anything different can be forgiven, as this is all happening in Heath’s imagination.

Here’s Heath’s letter:

In the late 1980′s God placed me at the Christian Civic League of Maine. Formed in 1897 by clergy, laymen and academics the League fought throughout the 20th century to keep Christianity at life’s center in Maine. I was often told by politicians that the League is the conscience of Maine.

Shortly after my arrival at the League the men who led the ministry, all of them respected leaders in their communities, decided that the matter of “gay” rights must be addressed by the League. We realized that Satan was rapidly undermining sexual rules — written and unwritten — that protected all the people of Maine.

Adding the phrase “sexual orientation” to other minority designations in our human rights laws would lead only to mischief. We noted that no other institution was stepping up to defend common sense.

To their credit these men put the League on the firing line in this battle. Throughout the 1990′s we remained firm in our resolve to resist. Our efforts bore much fruit.

Homosexuality was hotly debated for twenty years. The Christian Civic League of Maine proved to be the only institution with the will to fight. Overwhelmed, wearied and confused by years of attacks of all kinds a slim majority of Mainers grudgingly handed the sodomy movement the keys to Maine’s home.

Sidenote: they weren’t confused, Mike. People changed their minds, and people on your side passed away of natural causes, tipping the scales toward voters who were turning eighteen.

Tragically marriage, family, decency and common sense are all collapsing in the Pine Tree State. The truths of Genesis 19 and Romans 1 are becoming evident.

Links or pictures portraying the devasation overtaking Maine not provided.

I am encouraged by the efforts of Dave Smith and the Illinois Family Institute to avert this same disaster in the Midwest.

Fourteen states have fallen to the radical homosexual agenda. New Jersey is the latest state to pledge obeisance to this evil. And make no mistake, a society’s decision to turn it’s back on God’s definition of marriage can end only one way.

Judgment and destruction.

Now is the time for Christians everywhere to increase their commitment to groups like the Illinois Family Institute. No matter what happens this year with the marriage debate Christians must deepen their resolve to live as Christians in our modern world. We must choose to do this out of love for God and our fellow man.

Sexual sin is a destroyer. Jesus Christ is the creator. We are His creation, and we must defend and assert this proposition relentlessly in America.

In God we Trust.

So dramatic.

Marriage equality is coming to Illinois, sooner than later. I guess that means Porno Pete’s and Laurie Higgins’ imaginations are about to get as vivid as Mike’s!