camenkerIf there’s any question left that religion-based opposition to homosexuality is motivated by anything besides hate and fear, that question should be resolved in these clips of Brian Camenker, head of the MassResistance hate group, and Linda Harvey, the Most Homophobic Woman In America.

In the first clip, Brian Camenker explains that gay people are not good at sports, and that there are “almost no homosexual athletes in major sports.” Camenker must not have noticed that the closet doors of the professional sports world are currently being flung wide open, and that many athletes have said there are tons of gay athletes who haven’t come out:


If you follow sports much you’ll notice there are almost no homosexual athletes in the major sports, certainly not in the professional sports and none that I know of in the college sports except for very, very minor roles. It’s interesting because if you go into any public school you see a large percentage of the teachers, at least where I live, are out homosexuals. I think that, my own analysis of that is that it’s so difficult to become an athlete at that level that the psychological issues that are going through you in the homosexual lifestyle just don’t cut it. Because you just need this very high degree of stability, alertness, everything else, so you see almost no athletes, you know, homosexuals in the professional sports or the high level, football leagues or baseball or anything like that, almost none.

Silly man.

After that, it was time for Linda Harvey to get in on the action. She simply doesn’t believe that anti-gay violence in Russia is a problem, because if she confronted that fact, she might have to confront the fact that her life’s work contributes to anti-gay violence in the United States. Camenker accepts that there is anti-gay violence in Russia, because, you know, the gays had it coming:

Harvey defended Russia’s new anti-gay laws and insisted that no “logical” person would believe such laws are related to the rise in homophobic violence, doubting that such violence is even occurring.

On the other hand, Camenker didn’t doubt that violence directed at gay people in Russia is taking place…but said it is the fault of gay people: “If you’re going to do something that most of the population considers bad or immoral or disgusting in public, you’re going to get a certain reaction. I think that they push that as far as they can and sometimes you just can’t do it.”

Harvey agreed, maintaining that “there’s some provocation going on” from Russia’s gay community, while Camenker said gay couples being affectionate in public and the people who attack them are two sides of the same coin.

“The natural way people react to homosexuality — outside of all the diversity training — is a certain amount of revulsion. So if two men start kissing in the public street, you can expect a certain reaction from people,” Camenker explained. “I think that there is probably a lot of, shall we say, reckless behavior on that side and I’m sure on the other side there’s probably a lot of wanton, running around, just beating people up, which you don’t want to have either.”

Unbelievable. I have nothing to add.