On October 26, 2013, First Congregational Church in Memphis celebrated 150 years of service, fellowship, worship and love in the Memphis area. True to the diverse nature of the church, the music ranged from classical to gospel, high church to traditional African dance, and all points between. During the service’s litany, the congregants created a video for the NALT Christians Project, where they proclaimed (and not for the first time either) that they are 100% open and affirming, that they support the LGBT community wholeheartedly, and that Christians are Not All Like That.

If your church agrees with First Congo — that’s the church’s nickname — then you should host a NALT Sunday! (Or Wednesday. Or really whatever day works best for you.) The concept is simple. Talk to the people who run your church’s services about including something like what First Congo did in your service. Or you can simply set up a time where people in your church can make their own personal NALT Christians Project videos. OR you can do both! (First Congo members will be doing individual videos in a few weeks.)

This is what First Congo’s program looked like that day (NALT section is on the top right):

photo (2)

First Congo is the second church to create a full congregation video. The first, if you haven’t seen it, was Missiongathering Christian Church in San Diego. We’ve heard word that several other churches around the country already have their videos in post-production.