baldwinFour years ago, I wrote about an “ex-gay” activist in Georgia named McKrae Game, who claimed that becoming straight is like “learning to ride a bike,” in that he has cheated on his wife with a man, which is tantamount to falling off the bike (into a pile of men). He also claimed that he “relented” and became homosexual after a neighbor came onto him, which conflicts with his own admission that he felt like he was gay from a very young age, and realized he was attracted to men at puberty.

Well, Mr. Game is throwing an “ex-gay” hootenanny this month called Rising From The Ashes, and their featured speaker is none other than Stephen Baldwin, AKA “the one the rest of the family doesn’t like to acknowledge.” Stephen believes “ex-gays” are “astonishing” and that minorities shouldn’t have rights if those rights in any way impact those in the majority.

Oh yeah, Joe Dallas will be there too.

Sounds like a thrilling event. Here’s the trailer:

[h/t Right Wing Watch]