traceLast month we reported that Trace McNutt, a self-styled “former satanic drag queen,” would be awarded the first annual “Ex-Gay Courage Award,” by Voice Of The Voiceless. McNutt became a satanic drag queen when he discovered that drag queens were the “rock stars and royalty” of the gay world, and he added the “Satan” part just because, I guess.

However, Right Wing Watch* reports that McNutt admitted in an interview that he is still very much into men, having fallen in love with the bassist in his Christian rock band:

McNutt is one of those who has been convinced that his sexuality is to blame for the poor state of his life before he was delivered, so it is curious, to say the least, that he hasn’t been able to lip sync away the gay in his new life as an “ex-gay courage warrior” or whatever he is.

In this clip, he alludes to his former life of drug abuse and sleeping with thirty men per day (seriously?), because not only was he homosexual, but he was also a sex addict. A real counselor would have helped him address the fact that he needed to get a grip, rather than blaming the whole thing on the fact that he’s a gay man. Sheesh.

*Right Wing Watch is on fire today, so I will be pulling from their posts for the remainder of the afternoon.