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Allegedly Christian hate group leader Tony Perkins (Getty Images)

Really, the headline only needs to say “Tony Perkins Calls Other People Theocrats.” That’s how insane the hate group leader’s recent statements are, considering the fact that Tony’s entire career is predicated on using the government to impose the Religious Right’s bigoted views regarding LGBT people and women on innocent society, views which, when enacted into law, hurt and kill people.

But what if a person’s religious views compel them to support government policies that aim to help people, for instance, the poor? Well then, they’re just theocrats. One can only surmise whether Tony holds this position because he actually despises poor people (possible) or because it’s just not that easy to get scared wingnuts to turn their Social Security checks over to his organization in the name of doing good in this world (probable).

Here’s what Tony said to Janet Mefferd:

Perkins told Mefferd that while Christians should be active in political affairs because government reflects the values of society, they should leave issues like helping the less fortunate out of it.

Even though “as Christians we will be held responsible for the policies adopted by this government because it’s us,” Perkins said Christians shouldn’t see the government as a way to help the poor: “The government has a responsibility to care for the poor? That’s not what Scripture says.”

After making the unsound claim that redistributive policies are unbiblical, he then said that such left-leaning Christians are “treating the government as if it had divine instructions from God to be a form of theocracy.”

Got it, Tony.

If Christians support a government policy that makes poor people’s lives better, it’s theocracy, but if they support Religious Right-penned policies that drive a bunch of gay kids to an early death, it’s the Lord’s Work.

I’m so pleased that the Christian Right is becoming so unhinged these days that they’re completely unafraid to say what they really believe. It makes our jobs easier.