Oh, those little tikes over at the hate group known as MassResistance have such vivid imaginations! Here, their report on what has happened to Massachusetts in the ten years since marriage equality came to that state. To all the millions of people in Massachusetts who watch this video* and think, “what on earth are they talking about?”, shhhhhh, Brian Camenker and his friends are playing Make Believe. When they’re done with that, they’re going to play dress-up!

*Just kidding, millions of people are not going to watch this silly video.

UPDATE: I decided to endure all twenty-eight minutes of Brian Camenker’s monotonous, droning voice, and found a treat around twenty minutes in. It’s our own Wayne Besen, who apparently has contributed immeasurably to the era of Massachusetts equality that has led to the maelstrom of whine that is this MassResistance video. Camenker claims that the gays were “terrorizing” the people inside, but that’s just their professional victim-playing. You can read what actually happened here.


[h/t Jeremy]