rubytuesdayI am now absolutely convinced that America’s corporations are actively trolling Monica Cole’s pretend organization, One Million Moms. In the past several months, One Million Moms have been outraged (outraged!) by perceived naughtiness in ads from Motorola, Slim Fast, Rent-A-Center and Kraft. There are probably others, but those are the only ones I wrote about. The latest corporation to send Monica Cole into fits of Puritanical rage is Ruby Tuesday, whose new ad campaign is called “Fun Between The Buns”:

The only question is which is worse, the slogan “Fun Between the Buns” or the graphic that is included with it? Parents do not want their children repeating the slogan, and the graphic is equally disturbing because it is symbolizing nudity.

In Monica’s world, nudity isn’t offensive — it doesn’t exist. I’m fairly certain this woman showers in a bathing suit.

Everything between the top and bottom hamburger buns is pixelated, including condiments, meat, cheese and other toppings. This should only be done when trying to protect someone’s privacy and should not be tolerated when unnecessary in any other form of media. Marketing campaigns using sexual innuendos are never appropriate, especially when advertising food for a family restaurant. Offensive ads cause parents to lose their appetites and their respect for a company. Please send Ruby Tuesday an email letter urging the company to discontinue the “Fun Between the Buns” ad campaign immediately.

We must not tolerate pixellated meat parts, said Monica, who believes her daily endeavors are worthwhile.

You are, of course, free to use the form on the One Million Moms website to send an e-mail that says, “Dear Ruby Tuesday: That ad is funny. More like it, please!”

Here’s that ad: