Late last week, blogger and activist Jeremy Hooper of Good As You joyfully announced to the world that he and his husband Andrew are now the parents of a healthy, happy baby girl named Savannah Rose. Thousands of people virtually shared in the couple’s joy as they posted pictures of their beautiful, growing family.

Of course, the Religious Right got the news too, and at least one reacted with as much class as you’d expect from hate group leaders who actually make money off of hurting families they’ve never met. Show us how Real Christiansexpress compassion, Porno Pete:

When my husband and I married, he took a screencap from my wedding video and wrote the word “perversion” on it.  Now, two days after my daughter’s birth, professional anti-LGBT activist Peter LaBarbera chose to post this:


So many juvenile insults and so much denial of reality, contained in one-hundred forty characters from such a little man.

I’ll let Jeremy explain the silver lining, though:

This is your anti-LGBT movement in action.  They view our happiness as a chance to bring us down; they take our good times and try to turn them into bad.  They have gone well beyond the bounds of politics and, increasingly, have become a movement built around personal denigration.

In their attempts to take down our strong families, they only expose their weaknesses.

Indeed, they do.

Also, thanks for the link, Porno Pete.