This sign, from the All Saints Anglican Church at Chermside, is part of the wave of Christians around the world who are lovingly taking control of the conversation back from the Religious Right, proclaiming that Christianity is not synonymous with anti-gay animus:

(Quest Newspapers)

(Quest Newspapers)


More background:

Rev Julie Woolner of Chermside’s All Saints Anglican Church said the sign outside her church had overwhelming support from local parishioners.

Some social media commentators took a different view of the message: “Dear Christians, some ppl (sic) are gay, get over it. Love God.’’

One Facebook post said the Church had an obligation to stand by the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality.

But Ms Woolner, who took her lead from a sign at a NSW church this year, said her decision reflected a mainstream Christian trend accepting homosexuality as part of life.

“I do believe spirituality is far bigger than sexuality,’’ she said. “And I did find most of the parishioners here took a positive view of that sign.’’

It sounds like Rev. Woolner and her congregation would be great candidates for the NALT Christians Project!