All alone, nobody to play with.

Bradlee Dean, the sideshow “heavy metal” minister who famously tried to sue Rachel Maddow for quoting him verbatim, who was then smacked down by the judge and ordered to pay Rachel’s legal fees for time utterly wasted, and who then decided to try to sue Wonkette for no reason, may have a lot more time on his hands these days, if this report is true:

There’s a good reason Bradlee Dean’s large Annandale headquarters was put up for rent earlier this month — he apparently no longer has a ministry to fill it with.

According to a source close to the situation, Dean’s “You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International” staffers have all walked out on him. Yes, that includes his notorious street teams and Dean’s “Sons of Liberty” radio cohost Jake McMillan, who our source says put in his two weeks notice and moved out of Minnesota. (McMillian, for some reason, sometimes went by the name Jake MacAulay.)

Our source said the beginning of the end came when two former Dean staffers — a husband-and-wife team including his former director of donor relations — had a falling out with Bradlee. The couple stayed friends with some “You Can Run” employees and began trying to persuade their friends to leave the ministry. They had incremental success, culminating with the resignation of McMillan, and as a result Dean no longer has anybody working for him.

The source said that in the wake of our July report about disaffected former You Can Run staffer Jake Dagel — Dagel characterized You Can Run as a “cultic sham ministry” — a group of upwards of a dozen former staffers got together and compiled testimony about how Dean had mistreated and exploited them. They subsequently brought 28 pages worth of testimony to the Minnesota Attorney General’s office and are currently working on a mediation proposal with Dean’s camp. The group of former staffers seek reimbursement of funds they say Dean owes them and a guarantee that Bradlee will never hold another leadership position with a ministry. Our source isn’t sure whether Dean could possibly face criminal charges as a result of the allegations, some of which constitute crimes.

“Goodbye!,” said everyone, to Bradlee Dean, who I will now be referring to as “Sadlee.” Couldn’t have happened to more a ridiculous wingnut.

The folks at Wonkette, of course, cannot stop giggling about this.