festerAfter the hilarious disaster of “ex-gay” pride month, Christopher Doyle is on a mission to convince himself and the six or seven people in his cult that he actually does something productive for a living, by promoting the ongoing hilarious disaster of “ex-gay awareness month,” which is currently almost over. The last time the “ex-gay” industry’s Uncle Fester went on Sandy Rios’s radio program, Rios confidently predicted that the “ex-gay” pride event would draw “thousands” of people, a number that was only off by a whole bunch of zeroes.

So now, Doyle has gone on Sandy’s program once again, and one must only assume that he has no idea how insane his victim-playing sounds to human beings:

Rios wanted to know why the White House held a meeting with bisexual leaders while leaving out ‘ex-gays’ like Doyle, who told the American Family Association radio host that it is another sign that straight people like himself are facing discrimination by their “powerful oppressors” in the LGBT community.

“I think that what is really going on is there’s an effort by the White House and by politicians in rank and charge to include and recognize every single sexual orientation, sexual deviance, sexual preference and sexual lifestyle out there except for heterosexuals and ex-gays,” Doyle said. “So the people who say they are oppressed are the ones that are now politically powerful oppressors.”

Oh yes, the big, powerful LGBT people, who still don’t have full equality, are oppressing all of the straight people, a group Christopher Doyle certainly belongs to. He, of course, doesn’t explain precisely how we are oppressing the majority-straight population, but I believe him when he says that this is happening, at least in his head.

In the clip, he also complains that he still hasn’t received an invitation from the White House to talk about “ex-gay awareness.” This must be unsettling and sad for Christopher, but he will have to come to terms with the fact that the White House is far too busy working on things that actually exist. They haven’t held a summit on unicorns either, Doyle.