lively2Notorious hate group leader Scott Lively is about to be on trial for crimes against humanity, stemming from his involvement in Uganda’s “kill the gays” bill and his general incitement of hatred against the gay population of that nation, and he’s asking for prayers:

“First, pray for God to guide Judge Ponsor as he makes future decisions in this case.  Pray for him to be fair and objective, and not swayed by liberal ideology or the lies of my persecutors. Next pray that the Marxist activists that have conspired to bring this bogus litigation forward are thwarted. Pray especially for Holly Richardson of both Arise and OUT NOW, the self-described 44-year-old ‘butch’ lesbian. She has been especially aggressive against me and against our church. Lastly, pray for the George Soros-funded so-called ‘Center for Constitutional Rights.’ CCR is the ‘principality and power’ behind the SMUG lawsuit and many far-left causes, a truly demonic organization, operating from the heart of New York City at 666 Broadway (no joke.). Pray for all of these Marxist activists to be saved and delivered from their sin and error in rejecting the truth of God. As they press forward to attack me, pray confusion into their camp and for all of their strategies and tactics to be turned against them.”

But what if God is able to see through Religious Right Newspeak and answers the prayers in a way Scott Lively doesn’t like? Will that make God a demonic liberal Marxist activist?

And why is Scott Lively praying that opposing counsel would become “confused?” Is it because he knows on some level that they clearly have a case against him?

[h/t Joe]