cassidyAs Right Wing Watch reports, after a sixteen year-old transgender girl, Cassidy Campbell, was voted her California high school’s homecoming queen, she faced a backlash of bullying on the internet, though her school was and remains supportive.

Never known to be a person I would leave my dog, much less my child, in the care of, Bryan Fischer demonstrated the amorality inherent in today’s Religious Right by devoting a segment of his radio show to bullying Cassidy Campbell.

As we all know, bullying is a sign of weakness on the part of the perpretrator, and it really doesn’t matter whether it’s done out of meanness or a desire to uphold one’s “sincerely held religious beliefs,” AKA irrational bigotry.

Watch the allegedly mature adult bully the child he’s never met:

Big man. Big, big man.

UPDATE: David Badash has started a petition to send a message to the American Family Association (and by extension, other hate groups), that “Kids Are Off-Limits.” I agree. Click here to sign it.