Here’s something funny/sad for your afternoon. Porno Pete went on the radio with Bryan Fischer recently, and that sound you hear over the heartland of the United States right now is the violent collision of I don’t know how many metric tons of crazy.

Here’s your summary:

The entire interview consists of many, many minutes of Porno Pete and Bryan Fischer deliberately misusing CDC statistics on HIV transmission to broadbrush the “gay lifestyle” as perverted. Of course, since these men do not live in the real world, do not believe in the proven facts surrounding sexuality, and have spent their entire careers lying about and demonizing LGBT people, they are thus unqualified to speak on the issue, because they don’t actually care about people with HIV. The statistics about growing HIV transmission in young men are tragic, and more attention should be brought to the issue, and more should be done to encourage safer sex, arming young guys with all the information they need to protect themselves.

They, of course, don’t acknowledge lesbians in this equation, because it’s not convenient.

Porno Pete and Bryan claim that it’s “cruel” to “consign young boys” to a “homosexual lifestyle,” but here we have two men who clearly advocate consigning those same people to lives of self-hatred, loneliness and an utter belief that if they live authentically, they will burn in hell. We on the side of goodness and true morality would rather those young guys be able to live long lives, find love and community and protect themselves against the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases including, but not limited to, HIV.

This is why Porno Pete’s and Bryan Fischer’s respective organizations are deemed hate groups.

[h/t Jeremy]