Was "satanic drag queen" until experienced love of butch men in "ex-gay" land.

Was “satanic drag queen” until experienced love of butch men in “ex-gay” land.

The stories of “ex-gay” victims all follow one of two themes:

1. They were raised extremely religious and it was hammered into them from a young age that the fact that they are attracted to people of the same sex condemns them to hell, therefore they must change.

2. They have become addicted to drugs, or become prostitutes, or become homeless, or a combination of those and other things, and an “ex-gay” charlatan came along and convinced them that their sexuality was to blame for their own life circumstances or poor choices. In essence, they don’t heal, but rather replace one unhealthy addiction with another.

Such seems to be the story of the former “satanic drag queen” (no, I didn’t know that was a thing either) who will be receiving the “courage” award at the sure-to-be-well-attended “ex-gay” awareness celebration/unsexiest bachelor auction ever at the end of September:

The event’s organizers, Voice of the Voiceless, announced today that a former “Satanic Drag Queen” will receive their “Courage Award.”

Trace McNutt said in an interview with ex-gay leader Christopher Doyle that he became involved in drag when he learned that “the rock stars and the royalty of the gay world were the drag queens” and as a result turned into “an alien, sexual deviant creation…satanic version of a drag queen.” After battling drug addiction and homelessness, he realized that homosexuality was a choice and started attending church where “some of the most masculine, butchest men reached into my life and loved me.”

Well that sounds homoerotic. We ought to add a verse to “Amazing Grace” for this champ.

Watch all the way to the end of the video where people who clearly have never met Christopher Doyle are talking into the camera, unsuspecting tourists most likely, who seem to have been instructed to say “ex-gay pride 2013!” into the camera.

Start at the 3:00 mark, unless you want to watch the beginning of the video, where Doyle is, again, talking to unsuspecting tourists about “ex-gays.”