The Trevor Project released a new public service announcement today for World Suicide Prevention Day, which utilizes notable LGBT personalities and allies to have a deeper conversation about preventing suicide, especially among vulnerable groups such as LGBT teens:

Today, World Suicide Prevention Day, an exciting suicide prevention PSA launches, featuring over a dozen influencers across traditional and social media. The PSA was created to encourage fans to join The Trevor Project’s “Talk to Me” campaign and help prevent suicide. Organized by Emmy-nominated online live news show What’s Trending, the video showcases celebrities taking the “Talk to Me” pledge. Participants include: Margaret Cho, Brendan Ayanbedejo, Chris Kluwe, Kat Graham, Davey Wavey, Phil Defranco, Issa Rae, Lucas Cruikshank, Michael Buckley, Olga Kay,Timothy Delaghetto, Hannah Hart, Chester See and more.

Check it out:

The Trevor Project explains more about their “Talk To Me” campaign:

Talk to Me raises awareness to prevent suicide among youth, especially those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ). This campaign for conversation is rooted in research that indicates improving both help-seeking behaviors and access to care can have a dramatic effect on suicide prevention.    To learn more about Talk to Me and to get involved, visit and spread the word using #TalktoMe.

“It has been an honor to support the life-saving work The Trevor Project is doing at What’s Trending for the last three years, and we are really proud to have been able to help bring together the biggest stars online to take the pledge for the Talk to Me campaign,” said Shira Lazar, host of What’s Trending.  “It is a real testament to the value of The Trevor Project that so many of this generation’s brightest YouTube stars are a part of such a great cause.”

Head to their website for more information.