For the past week, we have been so busy launching the NALT Christians Project that we have hardly had time to pay attention to those dastardly “ex-gays.” Personally, I’ve enjoyed ignoring clowns like CohenChristopher Doyle, Richard Cohen (pictured), Janet Boynes, and Greg Quinlan for a week. Sure, I love the circus, but it is good to step away from the Big Top every now and again.

While our attention was averted, we missed an amazing editorial in the New York Times, headlined, “Banning Pseudo-Therapy.” The best part of the editorial was the final line:

The old idea that homosexuality is an illness that can be “cured” may at last be headed for the trash heap.

I wish this were the case, but these frauds keep reinventing themselves. While they are surely headed to the trash heap and we are clearly winning, they will not go down without a fight. This will include marketing their rubbish overseas where the LGBT community can’t, in some cases, stand up and defend itself.  The false message of “ex-gay” ministries and reparative therapy can only succeed in repressive nations like Russia or Uganda, that intimidate and harass LGBT people and their supporters.

It is the job of Truth Wins Out to walk the final mile and squarely deliver these con artists to the center of the smelly trash heap. In the meantime, we thank the New York Times for a terrific editorial that hit the nail on the head. We hope their next editorial on this topic will be to urge New York lawmakers to follow California and New Jersey’s lead in banning “ex-gay” child abuse for minors.